Sep. 23rd, 2009

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I knew I was going to forget to mention these little items of note.

Usually my parties have a 'start time' of 12 noon, but doesn't get fully underway til about 2pm. We're gonna kinda keep it that way, with the 'Official' start time being 2pm. But as I'm in the kitchen from 10am to 12midnight (as usual), if anyone wishes to wander by early that's fine. You might get put to work if you do though, so come expecting me to get some.. use *cough* outta you. Heehee.

For those who wish to come by for the Pre-Party Prep on Friday, The Mom says that whoever comes gets fed. We're deciding on either chinese or pizza, or something more home cooked. For those who mentioned they wouldn't mind making their dish(es) here on that day to have them ready for Saturday, we have 2 kitchens. You are welcome to use them, though chances are it'll be The Mom's kitchen that will be free. Just don't blow her kitchen up or leave a huge mess (I know I probably didn't even have to say that) and things will be ducky. If anyone wants to bring anything for entertainment (and keeping the Cooking Goddess's stress levels down), go for it. Hell.. This party might end up being 3 whole days long, if people hang around Sunday for breakfast *evil grin*. Btw, when was the last Brunch of the Living Dead anyway??

If you wish to know what time to come by to help on Friday, The Mom and I will be home all day. Especially as we've got a few family members from out of state arriving that day, and I have that day off from work. So any time from early morning on is fine. The Mom will be going to pick up the fish on Friday early afternoon and she might or might not need help bringing all 50 pounds of fish into the house. Saturday is when she is picking up the crates of crab legs, and she will definitely need help lifting those. For those who have never helped with prep before and are wanting to help, let me warn you now, don't wear clothes you don't want to get messed up. You'll be true kitchen slaves that day. And you'll see why we only throw these types of parties no more than twice a year. Oy. And you'll get to see a real stressed out Zorathenne in action. Thankfully [ profile] elvish_dreams will be around to bust out with one of her signature jigs when needed, which are guaranteed to set The Queen Goddess off in giggles.

I wonder how many loaves of banana bread I'll end up making Friday..

To answer the question about the tarps: The Mom got this er.. bright idea to hang a tarp up directly under the wooden deck outside my formerly blocked livingroom outside door. It does kinda make sense, as there's now an extended concrete patio under the deck. It would be lovely to use that area, but not so lovely to be eating there while people are walkiing above you. Grit does not make with the tasty. And if it's raining as well.. Yuck. The hanging of the tarp has been the plan for a little bit, but for the past so many days of rain and other happenings that kept making us put off the hanging. There's another tarp to hang over the gazebo, where the original canvas roof fell in during that real wild day of heavy wind and rain a few months back. We have the tarps and (hopefully) enough rope. We've just needed the time, sun, and hands to do it.

I know it seems like we're going through a hella lot for this party, but as was said before, this is quite possibly going to be the last party of this magnitude thrown in the Temple of the Goddess for quite some time. So, yeah.

Besides, a person turns 70 only once.

Before I forget, [ profile] kellinator? You around love? I know I made the request for corn (well, it was The Mom's request; I just played messenger) back during the DragonCon Party. Are you still able to sweetness? If you can, would you be able to drop it off on Friday? I'll write a note to myself to give you a call tomorrow after work. The Mom likes it when you bring corn. You are her Corn Goddess. Her Samuel L. "Eat this Mutherfucking Corn or I'll Bust a Cap in Your Ass" Jackson of Corn Goodness. I wonder if that voice post is still around on your lj somewhere *gigglefits*.

I think I got everything... Anyway bedtime for me.

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