Jul. 3rd, 2009

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*peeks in*

Ah! So that's where I put it.. *picks up her lj and dusts it off, creating a huge dust cloud*

Gah! *sneezes* Bleah! Damn.. It's been a while.. Huh.

*taps her lj* Mic check, 1, 2..

*looks around with a sly grin on her face*

My mic sounds nice, check 1..
My mic sounds nice, check 2..
My mic sounds nice, check 3..

*cough* erm.. Sorry 'bout that, hehe..

Yeah.. yeah. I know. It's been like 20 million trillion years since I've last posted anything of any worth other than a few tweets here and there these days. I'll get into that some other time, as I really don't feel like going into that right now in this particular post.


Because, dammit.. Anyway.. Haven't a few of you noticed that I hadn't said anything on here about a particular party that I always throw on or around the 4th of July..?

That's because It's being thrown on the 11th! Yeah, I know, short short short notice. But that's because this party is really going to be just a nice, small(ish), more quiet BBQ type thing.

The real shingding ain't til September. The 26th, in fact. There's your first (way in) advance notice. September will see both crablegs and fried catfish (The Mom has threatened), among other things. Just you wait.

July 11th with see probably just hotdogs, hamburgers, bbq chicken, jambalaya, a possible brined turkey or 2.. And of course white sangria.

As usual, if you can read this, you are invited!

Also as usual, this is a potluck.. Well.. with more emphasis on potluck. Because the party coming up in September is going to be a hella blow out (along with possibly being the last party thrown in the Goddess' Domain for a time), we're asking for darlings to bring a dish or two. If you have any particular desire to bring meats to char on the grill, feel free. I'll be in the kitchen as usual with the pot of jambalaya and keeping an eye on the turkey (or 2). For those who don't cook, then the usual offering of ice, chips, sodas, beer/alcohol, etc. will be so greatly appreciated.

I think that's all I need to talk about atm. Of course a flocked post will be made with address and directions and phone numbers. If you aren't friended then you know to make a reply to this post asking for directions, unless you have a friend who is also friended to me. They know the deal about giving you said infos to get to me =).

Any questions? Wanna fuss at me for only posting tweets (this'll be your only chance to do so so make it count ~_^)? Wanna just say 'I wuz here'? Let me know!

I miss (feeding) you darlings ^_^.

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