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Ramblings of an Abstract Random.. Or is it a Random Abstract..?

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Birthdate:Dec 17
Location:Georgia, United States of America
Website:My Apartment
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Dragon*Con 2005, America"s largest annual convention for fans of science fiction, fantasy and horror, comics and art, games and computers, animation, science, music, television and films, will be held Friday through Monday, September 2rd-5th, 2005, in Atlanta, GA, USA

Thoughts of a Random Abstract.. Or is that an Abstract Random...?

(Does it really matter at around 4 in the morning?)

My Thoughts are:

Decided to redo my info page some (my Thoughts at least).. So pardon my dust..

Most of the time, my music is playing. If you're ever curious as to what I'm listening to, just look below.


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Yugioh is DDR Love

Knight Rider was the Hotness

i"m in gryffindor!
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Name: Zora
DOB: 12/17/73
Location: NYC/PHIL/ATL

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