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Yes, I know just about everyone knows about the party. And yes I had every intention to make the Official Post about it (thank goodness I had mentioned it way back and then made sure to verbally tell darlings about it and stuff) last week. The more the rain came though, the less time The Mom and I had to get a lot of the outside prep that still needs to be done. I'm limited with the time I have as it is (11 hour shifts at work leave me too damn tired some days), and the last time The Mom went out working in the rain, she caught pneumonia. But whoa ya'll. I really did not expect the response I got today from you all on twitter and facebook and etc. when I mentioned that if the rain was going to be keeping up the way it has been that the party this Saturday might have to be cancelled.

So. Without further ado.

The party to help celebrate The Mom's 70 Birthday this Saturday, September 26th, shall not be cancelled. It's still on, rain or shine darlings.

But we're gonna be needing a lot of help. We have a couple of tarps that we've not had the chance to put up because it's been raining the past so many freaking days/weeks/etc, and unfortunately it seems the rain ain't gonna stop any time soon. I know a few darlings are gonna be helping me with (a LOT) of food prep work on Friday (we were going to ask for some help this Wednesday, but that's way too short a notice I think, as well as it may still be raining), but a few extra hands would be greatly appreciated *puppy-dog eyes*. The Mom and I are prepared to bake/cook/otherwise prepare whatever bribes are necessary. I'm already gonna be in the kitchen baking tons of loaves of banana bread it would seem *grin*.

Mostly what needs to be done (outside of food prep) is chair/table setup, along with the tarps. Weather reports vary on whether or not if it is going to rain on Friday. If this party were going to be any smaller, we wouldn't even give the tarps any thought, but, at last estimate, we're looking at quite a large gathering. Damn near half my family will be down here as it is *wince* (I'm really going to need someone with me to keep me sane on Friday... please).

Anyway, the part that you guys always wanna know about: The Main Dishes. There will be about 40 pounds of catfish, 4 crates of crablegs (and guess who's doing all the cooking x_x), a ton of chicken and shrimp for various shishkabobs, and enough white sangria to possibly drown a horse. I'm waffling on the jambalaya, and I may have to hold off on the turkey(s). We'll see.

And this time there's more. Many of you already know, but The Mom has asked for you lovelies to dress up in costumes (especially kilts and corsets ^_^). Not required, of course, but The Mom has declared she wishes to see 'Characters' *grin*. She also wishes to see people in thongs, figleaves and smiles.. But none of you have to take her seriously. Really. Don't. Please. We want to surprise and shake up certain of her sisters. Not have them coming to me reading the Riot Act.

.... Okay, fine. Figleaves and smiles it is. Just.. Keep it tasteful.. And try not to catch cold.

I take no responsibility if a certain aunt of mine gets it into her head to pinch the bums of any wearing said figleaves and smiles.

Well I wanna see kilts and corsets, dammit.

The Mom has also asked for pirates to be in attendance. Don't ask me; I'm just relaying her wishes. I'm just the cook. There will be rum; stop looking at me like that >_<. Though knowing how many of you darlings are pirates (at heart), You might have to bring your own. I don't think I could buy enough.

Anyway, as usual, if you can read this, you are invited. Also as usual, if you are not friended to my journal, you need to ask me or a mutual friend for directions to my place. A friendslocked post shall be made with my address and other needed infos.

I doubt I have to give the usual There Shall Be No Drama Up Under My Roof That Ain't MINE warnings. I'm going to be stressed enough over the weekend. Don't even think to add to it.

Any darlings who wish to bring a dish, please understand there's gonna be a LOT of people. At last check, half my family, and half of Vernard's family (don't look at me, Mom invited them *halo*) and a few out of state darlings are intending to show. I'm staying my ass in the kitchen.

Speaking of staying my ass in the kitchen, I'm going to need kitchen slaves like whoa this time around.

There is limited crashspace this time. But there is crashspace. The beds are claimed by my aunts, but we have an extra mattress, some thick pads, extra sheets, couches.. and I think I have a sleeping bag somewhere around here. We have much in the way of floorspace as well. Please use it! Bring sleeping bags! Make it a slumber party! I'll make breakfast in the morning! I'll have coffee! *wails* PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE WITH ALL MY FAMILY!!! *shiftyeyes*

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder for a reason.

*ponders* I think that's everything.

Oy.. Should I put up the sign now? 'Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here..'
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