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  • 22:24 Listening to: The Battle by Gladiator. is.gd/2CZZY #
  • 22:29 @voxmortuum *purr* Val Kilmer is sooo yummy. He can be my huckleberry anytime.. #
  • 22:30 Listening to: Move Along by The All-American Rejects. is.gd/2D0Gd #
  • 22:34 Listening to: Evolution Revolution Love by Tricky. is.gd/2D19L #
  • 22:43 Listening to: Yell Fire! by Michael Franti & Spearhead. is.gd/2D25o #

  • 22:53
    Listening to: Sunday Morning (Twilight Mix) by k-os. is.gd/2D3d5 #
  • 23:20 Listening to: Love Me in a Special Way by DeBarge. is.gd/2D655 #
  • 23:23 Listening to: Green Light [feat. Andre 3000] by John Legend. is.gd/2D6pN #
  • 11:36 Has more bananas than good sense in her freezer (been hoarding for a *while*). But that's actually a good thing. ^_^ #banana bread (hee!) #
  • 11:46 Will have list of bread recipients on here or LJ or both. Con is gonna be crazy, so you're gonna have to contact me to catch me. #pikachu =) #
  • 11:48 Will do my best to make sure through tweets that you guys have an idea where I am to find me. *grin* This should be a game of some odd sort. #
  • 11:52 Listening to: Celestial Winds from the East by McVaffe. #ocremix is.gd/2E8rm #
  • 12:14 Listening to: Lake In Ontario? by ilp0. #ocremix is.gd/2E9U9 #
  • 12:39 Listening to: Liberi Fatali Overhaul by mp. #ocremix is.gd/2EbvC #
  • 12:42 @Paradisacorbasi hai! ^_^
  • 12:52 Listening to: Endings, Beginnings and One Hell of a Trip by Another Soundscape. #ocremix is.gd/2Ecnk #
  • 13:20 Listening to: Crystalline Caverns by McVaffe. #ocremix is.gd/2Ee4u #
  • 13:34 Listening to: Cross Fire by Marc Star. #ocremix is.gd/2EeUI #
  • 13:42 Listening to: Days of Summer V2 by ktriton, po!, Christian Pacaud. #ocremix is.gd/2EfnI #
  • 13:46 Listening to: Radical Dreamers Angelic by Kaijin. #ocremix is.gd/2EfBA #
  • 13:50 @reprobayt <3 #
  • 14:02 Listening to: Perdition Hardcore by Orkybash. #ocremix is.gd/2EgFx #
  • 14:09 Listening to: Who Stole My Stars by Diggi Dis. #ocremix is.gd/2Eh7h #
  • 14:21 Listening to: Under a New Moon by Fatty Acid, sephfire. #ocremix is.gd/2EhTA #

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