Jun. 23rd, 2010

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Bout damn time I remembered my password!

*looks around* Good Lord.. I really need to change the decor in here.

But that's for another time.

Sorry so late notice guys, but even though I know a few of you darlings already know about the upcoming festivities from the small mumblings I made on my twitter and my facebook, I really do need to make this official.

For all you others out there that I haven't spoken to in eons or whatever; yup, my appearing here means exactly what you think it does (I think).

So.. without further ado:

The 4th of July Party (that never seems to actually be held on July 4th) will take place on Saturday, July 3rd. As usual, I will be in need of kitchen wenches. I am making a request that instead of cabana boys that I be graced with cowboys to work my grill! (I'll wait til my birthday to request ninjas and pirates ^_^)

Mom is hoping to be able to grace us with much in the way of catfish for me to fry for all ya'll darlings, but it seems that unfortunately due to budget there shall be no crablegs this time.

As always, this is a potluck! The Mom has asked for darlings to bring hotdogs and hamburgers or other meats (for those who wish for such items to throw on the grill), and whatever various side dishes you lovelies would like to bring.

There shall of course be my white sangria. Though keeping in with the patriotic theme, I personally request 'red' and 'blue' drinks of an alcoholic nature if possible *wiggle*.

I will make the obligatory flocked post with my address and directions and other needed infos after I post this one.

I think I have the basics down. As I have to be asleep in no less than an hour (gotta be up @ 4am for work), I wanted to get this little announcement up and out quickly.

Any questions? Ya'll know to comment to this post.

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